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If you can’t hear well, your job may be in jeopardy.

I got off a red eye flight in Salt Lake and staggered to the coffee bar.
The lady I gave my order to could hardly whisper when she talked. When I got my order it was not what I ordered. I quickly realized it wasn’t just me. The line of twenty or so people waiting to get their drink were all upset because they weren’t getting what they ordered. The people behind the counter were trying to scramble to make everyone happy.

The person who was taking orders was giving everyone she worked with a hearing loss. They couldn’t hear her and what they thought she was saying was incorrect.

I overheard the manager say we can’t keep her where she is. She was right. The stress one person was causing for the staff and all the customers including me was unbelievable. As I walked away with a wrong drink they tried to make right twice, I couldn’t help but think that’s what having a hearing loss is like in the work place.

No wonder anyone who has an uncorrected hearing loss in the work place makes far less and is not promoted compared to someone without a hearing loss. If you have a hearing loss don’t let this be you… get your hearing corrected.