Score Yourself Using the Two Minute Self-Check Hearing Test
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The Word List: Keep, Seat, Feet, Teach and Cheat.

Follow these steps

  1. Please read the 5 words so you are familiar with the words.
  2. Give the list of words to someone and ask them to repeat the words to you in any random order.

NOW: Turn your back to the presenter.

(Don’t just close your eyes because when you’re not sure what the word is the urge to peek and read lips is overwhelming.)

  1. Have the person say each word and you repeat the word you think they said.
  2. If you miss or say the word incorrectly the presenter should raise their voice and say the word again. (Just to be sure the reason you missed the word wasn’t because of not enough volume.)
  3. Continue down the list of words until finished.


  • If you miss one word out of the 5 don’t be concerned. If you missed two or more words and repeatedly missed them even with the presenter raising their volume, this could be a sign that you are losing or have lost some of your ability of understanding words or speech.
  • The words used are made up of High Pitched Consonant sounds. Most hearing losses begin in the high frequency range so many words with high pitched consonants can be a challenge for someone who has a hearing loss.
  • The brain looses its ability to recognize these words, and it usually gets progressively worse over time as the hearing loss deteriorates.
  • Stimulation to the brain with sound is vital for everyone, no matter what age. Keeping your brain cognitively stimulated is vital to keeping communication at its best. Early detection and correction is so important for anyone who has a hearing loss.