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My Dad always told me that timing was everything in life. Wow, was he right!

I think that is how it is when it comes to purchasing a hearing aid. Timing is everything. We see people every day who tell us it was the timing of what was going on in their life.

  • They misunderstood something at work and made a wrong decision that cost them dearly.
  • They asked their mate to repeat once too many times that evening.
  • They were out to dinner with friends and didn’t enjoy it because they were guessing at what was said.
  • They really embarrassed themselves because they were talking completely out of context in conversations.

So what is causing you the most issues? One day it will get to the tipping point and you will come in and get a free hearing evaluation to see how bad your hearing is.

Early detection and correction is so important.

We have helped tens of thousands of patients to hear better. The people who have the most difficult time adjusting and rehabilitating their hearing are those who have put off getting help for years. By then they have lost some to a lot of their ability to understand words. Maybe even personality traits were changing: avoiding social situations, sometimes even avoiding family. Always trying to have as little contact with anyone as possible.

Getting help now can reverse these effects! Studies show that after only three months of wearing hearing aids, patients show significant improvement in feeling of depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Perhaps best of all, hearing aid use decreases brain atrophy and helps recover word comprehension. If you have a hearing loss, I hope the timing is right for you. Come in and have a FREE hearing evaluation today.