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Don’t you just hate it when your talking to someone on the phone an the call gets dropped? Or you can hear them but they can’t hear you.

Also what I can hardly tolerate is when an Internet connection is very, very slow.

Or the connection drops off and I have to try to log on all over again.

None of us like a slow connection to anything. Unfortunately it has become the social norm for us to ignore our own connection speed when are hearing drops out of the normal range.

We call our phone and Internet Company and tell them we are going to switch carries if they can’t give you a more dependable and faster connection.

What do we do when it’s our connection that has dropped off?

How much frustration are we going to create and prolong for all those trying to communicate with us when we are dropping the connection because our hearing has dropped out of the normal range?

The good news is that we can reconnect you with reliable technology that can bring your connections back up to full speed. Imagine no more dropped calls or slow Internet connections?

It’s important that you get a Baseline of your hearing. Just like you do your eyes and teeth checked routinely for your good health.

After all our ears are open 24/7 and our ears are the biggest portals to our brain. When your hearing fades so does the rest of your life.