Hearing Aids: Stay Close to Mom & Dad
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While some may shy away from hearing aids, they’re often the difference between having a relationship or none at all. To me, being closely connected with your family is what life’s about.

I just visited my Mom and Dad. My mom just turned 88 and a couple of months ago my father turned 92. We’ve continued the best of times, because we can communicate with ease thanks to hearing aids.

I’ve been so touched by the power of hearing aid technology that I found myself motivated to share hearing aids in Honolulu through Family Hearing Aid Center.

New Hearing Aids For Dad

My Dad has been worn hearing aids for over 40 years. Recently, after an Specialist test, he was fitted with some of the latest hearing aid technology. My mom who has been wearing hearing aids for over 15 years told me she can’t believe how much better he is hearing. She said, “He can understand conversations he wasn’t able to hear before. She can even call him when he is in the garden and he answers her. Its like being around a new man.”

My mom and dad are very active. They go to church every Sunday. And even attend meetings during the week. They are highly socially active and engaged.

During my visit it was fun talking with them and reminiscing about the times of our youth growing up.

My Dad is still teaching me so much about life. Like I asked him if I had to work until I was 88 years old before retiring? He said why wouldn’t I want to? It really made me look at my own work and my life and it made me evaluate the love and passion I have for my work.

I believe all the studies are true about people who have a corrected hearing loss. They do live longer with a very high quality of l life.

I wear hearing aids so I can be as productive and have the quality of life my mom and dad have.

You see I want to be connected, engaged and be an important part of my children and grandchildrens’ lives just as my mom and dad have been for me.