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Advanced Hearing Test in Hawaii

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Studies have shown that the brain’s ability to understand words deteriorates over time due to sound deprivation from hearing loss. Proper hearing loss treatment can help with your cognitive mental health by slowing down this progressively debilitating condition. When you visit any of our hearing aid centers, our board-certified hearing aid specialists will perform an advanced hearing test in Hawaii to measure the extent of your hearing loss and to see which treatment option will be best suited to your specific needs.

Our Hearing Aid Specialists in Hawaii will test your hearing as follows:

  • Hearing Interview – Our specialist will ask about your hearing history and lifestyle contexts. This includes questions about your occupation (past and present), hobbies, and activities. You will also be asked about your home and common public environments like restaurants.
  • Ear Canal Inspection – Family Hearing Aid Center will take an in-depth look into your ear using an instrument called a “video otoscope.” This will inspect your eardrum and the ear canal. A common finding is that earwax is totally or partially blocking the canal so a good cleaning may be all you need.
  • Pure Tone Test – This test is carried out in a silent environment, such as a soundproof booth. Our specialist will insert earpieces into your ears and use a “digital audiometer” to play tones at various volumes. You will push a button or raise your hand whenever you hear a tone. This test determines the threshold which sound frequencies are heard, which is helpful in diagnosing those afflicted by tinnitus, or ringing, clicking, hissing, or roaring sounds in the ear when no sound is actually present.
  • Acoustic Reflex Test – This test looks for abnormalities in middle and outer ear areas. Our specialist will insert a device that will change the pressure in your ear. Common issues identified include perforated eardrums or fluid behind the eardrum.
  • Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) – The HINT specialist test measures speech reception thresholds and word discrimination capabilities in noisy environments. There’s a big difference between hearing sounds in general and comprehending words, especially when background sound or other noises interfere.
  • Speech Map Test – This specialist test measures sound correction performance in relationship with a patient’s hearing loss within a (+) or (-) of 3 dB accuracy.
  • ABS (auditory brain stimulation) Test – Shows the improvement of cognitive word understanding.


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