Your Hearing Aids Should Not Be Guesswork
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Would you ever buy a pair of glasses without checking to see how much they improved your eyesight? So why would you purchase new hearing aids without knowing how much they help you hear? Most hearing centers and big box stores just ask, “How does that sound?” Never buy hearing aids because they just “sound good”, especially in a quiet office environment.

All hearing aids are not created equal.

You might be able to hear just fine in the hearing center, but then you leave and go out into the real world and are disappointed. You need assurance that your hearing aids are helping you understand words everywhere, even in noisy situations.

Did you know that loss of word comprehension goes hand-in-hand with hearing loss?

We actually hear with our brains, not our ears. Think about hearing loss as a pathway problem and technology as the means of bridging the pathway to feed auditory information to the brain. Your ears are a pathway for sound to get to your brain, which converts what you hear into meaning. Auditory brain development is also connected to how we learn to talk. By listening to others, your brain learns the meaning for words.
If you can hear but not understand what is being said, even with hearing aids, it’s important to come and see us.

About Auditory Brain Stimulation (ABS)

At Family Hearing Aid Center, we have developed an exclusive measuring method we call ABS (Auditory Brain Stimulation). Using calibrated speech, we measure your word understanding without hearing aids, and then again with your hearing aids, to pinpoint the accuracy of your hearing correction and how much we have helped your word comprehension. No guesswork when you buy or for the lifetime of your hearing aid.

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