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Most People don’t realize that it doesn’t take a gun shot or a jet plane accelerating near you to cause permanent hearing loss. Permanent hearing loss can occur from simple daily tasks such as yard work (mowing the lawn) or using power tools for hobbies or home improvements.

Thus, it is important to consider protecting oneself from prolonged exposure to these types of noises. I, like many others, find myself neglecting to protect my ears when doing these routine household tasks.

However since it takes as little as one and a half minutes of exposure to the noise made by power/yard tools to permanently affect one’s hearing, I’ve decided to make protecting my ears a priority, and Westone has made this possible.

Westone has been creating custom in-ear protection pieces for over 50 years. Their wide range of products provides exceptional protection from over exposure to a variety of noises. Whether its working with power tools, or shooting at the range,Westone has a product customized just for you. Ask one of our Hearing Instrument Specialists for more details on Westone products.