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How do I get someone who won’t admit they can’t hear well to at least come to see you?

You are not alone! Thirty-six million Americans suffer some degree of hearing loss. Half of adults with hearing loss never get a hearing test and 80% never get treated. Seventy-two percent are age 45 or older, but most are over the age of 65. Usually because hearing loss is gradual, many people with age-related hearing loss don’t realize it’s happening. And of course pride and ego often plays a big part of not getting help.

The best and most effective way we have seen is for you to call for an appointment for both of you. Everyone should have a baseline of their hearing on file so we can track changes over time.

There are many consequences of untreated hearing loss that can seriously impact your health. Of most concern to those who are aging is the association of hearing loss with the development of Alzheimer’s. The risk of dementia increases the worse your hearing loss gets.

Here’s how hearing loss can effect your brain:

  • Hearing loss accelerates brain atrophy in the area where sounds are processed into words. You actually lose function of those brain cells.
  • As hearing declines, the increased effort to comprehend speech can’t keep up and the brain can no longer discriminate between words.
  • Eventually, the brain forgets those words exist – they lose their meaning 0 which accelerates mental decline.

Here’s what we can do:

If found impaired, we can fit you with the appropriate hearing aid that can help keep you cognitively engaged. To detect and treat a hearing loss early can slow down and prevent serious conditions such as loss of word understanding.

Make an appointment for a hearing profile and analysis for yourself and your loved one. We provide a complimentary assessment at each of our six offices. Call today at (808) 201-4649 or visit