Hearing Aids Can Help Prevent Income Loss
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Research shows that hearing aids are not only effective in reducing hearing loss, they also reduce any income loss that can result from a hearing deficiency.

A study by the Better Hearing Institute found that, for those with mild to moderate income loss, hearing aids reduced the risk of income loss by 90 to 100 percent! Even those with moderate to severe hearing loss reduced their risk of income loss by as much as 75 percent.

Given these facts. it’s not surprising that hearing aid wearers are nearly twice as likely to be employed as are their peers who need hearing aids but choose not to use them.

An 80% approval rating.

Eight out of 10 hearing aid users say they’re satisfied with the changes today’s hearing aids have made on their quality of life, Just about every patient at our clinic admits that they wish they’d begun wearing hearing aids many years before they did.

That’s not surprising. When you can’t hear well, you can’t communicate effectively, both at work and at home. Nor can you enjoy many of life’s simple pleasures that we take for granted, including enjoying your favorite TV programs.

Perhaps the most positive effect hearing aids can have is on your self- esteem. People regain the self-confidence that eroded over the years because of poor communication and misunderstandings.

If you suspect you might have a hearing problem, call us today to schedule a free check-up. The longer you delay, the more you’ll wish you hadn’t.