Exclusive Hear Again Program For All Patients
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All current patients are automatically included in the Hear Again program, which still covers all of the ongoing service for the life of your hearing aids, plus more at no additional cost.

The Hear Again Difference:

• Any hearing aid without regular maintenance and care will start to deteriorate in performance and sound quality.
• Our patients find they benefit from visits every 3 months and can continue to use their hearing aids daily for years.
• We put the care and well-being of our patient before all else.
• Our care prolongs the life of our hearing aids for years beyond the expected life expectancy of any hearing aid.

The typical hearing aid lasts 4 to 5 years. With Hear Again, many of our patients’ hearing aids last years beyond typical results.

What will Hear Again appointments include?

• Checking and cleaning your ears to help prevent the hearing aid’s performance from deteriorating.
• Servicing and dehumidifying your instruments, which prolongs the life of your hearing aid.
• Testing and verifying your hearing aid’s performance.
• Addressing any additional changes such as a hearing loss change. What happens when patients don’t come in for appointments every 3 months?
• Slowly, hearing aid performance deteriorates.
• Patients become discouraged because they think their hearing aid is “no good” and not worth the cost.
• Some patients stop wearing their hearing aid and lose out on communication with friends and family.

Prevent these problems by consistently coming in for your Hear Again appointments every 3 months and enjoy great hearing continuously.

Why are we offering the Hear Again program?

We keep moving forward, exploring new concepts, and getting better at what we do, because we want you to always be moving forward with us. We believe when you purchase a hearing aid from us, that is just the beginning of our lifetime relationship with you.

Exclusive Trade Up Program

In addition to our Hear Again program, we also exclusively offer our Trade Up program, allowing you a transfer a portion of your original investment if you want to trade up to a higher level of technology.

Ask your Specialist about the details and amount of transfer we can offer you.

What do you need to do to enjoy the benefits of Hear Again?

Nothing. You’re automatically enrolled in the program. However, if we haven’t seen you in more than 3 months, please call us immediately to schedule your FREE Hear Again appointment at the office most convenient for you.

Thank you for being a part of our family. Always know that we are committed to providing you a lifetime of the very best possible hearing.